Hello, I see you, you wonderful, beautiful human.

I’m Rhino Julie, and this is my temporary website page until my other one is done.

should be able to spend most of their time in their happy zone of genius…

Instead of bogged down by tasks they don’t enjoy.

So I started Rhino Squad.

I help entrepreneurs set up automations and streamline their processes for attracting new clients and servicing existing clients.

And then…my team hires, trains and manages the virtual assistant to run it all.

I get to spend my days strategizing and masterminding with my amazing clients who use my team of virtual assistants. 

Which keeps ME in my zone of genius 😉

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Who is Rhino Julie? Lol. I know, it seems funny that I go by Rhino. But it makes sense when you hear the story.

I own Rhino Squad, a Virtual Staffing/Automation/CRM business.

But I also own the Camp Rhino Gyms (Ninja Warrior, CrossFit and Bootcamp).

I started my gyms in 2004 with an outdoor obstacle course and fitness classes in the parks. 

I started the fitness business when I was 4 years into a print advertising business that resulted in me gaining 65 pounds. 

I didn’t really enjoy exercising until it’s done and I LOVE FOOD. 

I figured if I started a fitness business, I would have to lose weight.

A few years in to running the fitness business, my rhinos (gym members) started calling me Rhino Julie, the Mother of Rhinos, and the name stuck. It’s my license plate, my identity, and it’s fun haha. 

After 23 years of entrepreneurship and 19 years of owning gyms, I finally figured out how to shed my weight and keep it off, while maintaining my traveling – foodie – entrepreneur – lifestyle.

I get to go to my gyms every day to workout (and I love them!) But the gyms are run by my amazing team, who allow me to follow my passion.

My passion is, and always has been, business and helping people.

My fun -> Learning about other people’s businesses -> learning new software programs -> figuring out how to increase profitability while decreasing the entrepreneurs workload in any business so the owner, employees and customers are the happiest they can be.

Running my virtual staffing business allows me to sit in my zone of genius. 

I get to learn new things all the time for my clients and I get to build teams who improve cashflow and operations in my client’s businesses.

I am so thankful for my team, my clients and balance. I mountain bike almost every weekend and get to have lots of quality time with my family now.

I have learned that life and business can be a game where we make up the rules and winning is in the playing.

If you’re in Vegas, come workout with me!

Introducing the Rhino Family of Gyms…

Rhino Gym Southeast

Personal Training

Group Training


Rhino Gym Northwest

Personal Training

Group Training


Rhino Ninja Gym

Kids Obstacle Courses

Adult Obstacle Coures

1-on-1 Sessions